Science meets beauty to transform
your skin with remarkable RESULTS !

Multiple benefits in one clever formulation with a luxurious silky feel created to target the prevalent signs of aging while delivering luminous, hydrated, younger looking skin.

In the complex process of aging skin, many changes happen at the same time. The skin goes through physiological changes that require special attention. As collagen production decreases volume is lost and shadows, lines and folds form. Normally, many products would be necessary to help improve individual skin concerns.

“Zkin Fix was created to simplify and provide effective solutions to aging skin. Based on 20+ years of experience of working with the skin and skincare products I clearly understand the skin needs and the key ingredients that truly make a difference. Urged by the requests of my clients and my own, I stepped forward to create a different approach to anti-aging skincare making it simple and affordable without sacrificing serious results. Our Zkin Fix Age Reversal Serum is a 5 in 1 multi-tasking serum made with a brilliant formulation that targets daily aggressors and the prevalent signs of aging: fine lines and wrinkles, poor elasticity, uneven skin tone, skin dullness and dehydration to support the skin into achieving a more youthful, healthy appearance. “

Dora Salazar

Good skincare with selected ingredients can transform the skin and supply essential nutrients topically
which are utilized directly by the skin providing great results.

Zkin Fix was created with “integrity”. Our products are intended not only to improve the appearance of your skin but also to make you feel confident and beautiful.

My commitment to you is to create products that can make a difference and a marked change for better, safer, healthier skincare.


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  • Antho Z. - Reviews:
    Hi Dora, I've been using Zkin Fix at night for a week, and your product is a GAME CHANGER! So…May 31, 14:08
  • Gabriela V. - Reviews:
    This luxurious and one of a kind serum, leaves my skin super soft and smooth. I've only been using Zkin…May 31, 13:59
  • Masia N. - Reviews:
    I'm 33 years old, I always had very dry skin, at a younger age I even liked it, there was…May 11, 23:35


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