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Hi there!

I’m Dora

A Medical Aesthetician, mom and wife.

I know how hectic it can be to manage everything and take time for yourself. Time is certainly not always on your favor on a tight schedule.

The modern world comes with many challenges…

Stress, lack of sleep, pollution, poor nutritional habits, hormonal imbalances etc.

Likewise, it also conveys to more dynamic and active lifestyles. We want to feel good and look it too. But the search for the fountain of youth comes with an abundance of skincare products that can become overwhelming and confusing.

I stepped forward to create a different approach to anti-aging skincare making it simple and affordable without sacrificing serious results.

It all started with my own skin struggles coming from a family with many skin issues. I did not scape from suffering acne, eczema and very sensitive skin, so much so that SKIN turned into my absolute passion and I became a Paramedical Aesthetician.

Keeping my skin conditions under control was a constant battle and soon I learned that looking for products without problematic ingredients was as hard if not harder that the skin problem itself. That ignited then, my devoted mission to one day create a skincare line based in scientific researched ingredients but safe and free of harmful chemicals and skin irritants, committing my entire 20 plus years as an Aesthetic Professional to the close study of ingredients and skin functioning, gathering all that experience and applying it into what became today Zkin Fix Skincare.

With Zkin Fix your skin is equally important as your safety. Worldwide approved, science validated ingredients of superb quality are carefully selected based on skin’s compatibility and absorption, contained in the highest percentages proven to be effective to defy the effects of time and improve the overall condition of the skin.

Our proprietary formulas exclude irritants and sensitizers that can get in the way to achieve healthy-looking skin.

My commitment is to exceed your expectations and provide you with products that deliver fast outstanding results with ingredients that benefit the health of the skin.

I am thrilled that you are interested in our product line and would like to thank you very much for supporting Zkin Fix and my goal of making a change for a safer, healthier skincare.

Kindly yours,


Medical Aesthetician/ Cosmetologist/ Electrologist CME/ Massage Therapist/ Body Therapist/ Spa and Beauty Consultant/Product Developer/Aesthetic Educator

Dora Salazar Skin care Specialist


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