Welcome to my blog

I am Dora,

 I’m 48, and like most women I am determined to find balance, keep myself healthy and active and cherish those little things in life that make me  happy.

Time just flies by and I am now an empty nested mom of 3 beautiful children, a re-married and happy wife and a middle aged woman who loves fashion, good nutrition and have a lifetime affair with skin care, my absolute passion.

As you can see my hands are pretty full, so I know how hectic it can be to manage everything and take time to take care of yourself; and although, I believe that the best compliment of beauty is a happy attitude, we can’t deny that there is a magical spark that ignites when we feel confident about ourselves.

It is not about being perfect but enhancing what we have and letting it shine through.

And of course, knowing a few tips and tricks can be of great help too!

As a professional, I love to share advice and valuable information to give you the tools and empowerment to look and feel your best. Someone that cares for your best interests and guide you through the saturated world of cosmetics and inspire you to make good choices for a healthy living and overall well-being.

20+ years of experience in the Beauty Industry that will love to share with YOU!

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Medical Aesthetician/ Cosmetologist/ Medical Electrologist & Laser CME/ Massage Therapist/ Body Therapist/ Spa and Beauty Consultant/ Product Developer/ Entrepeneur